Admin Side Contest Updates

Created by Shubham Kumar, Modified on Tue, 05 Mar 2024 at 01:05 PM by Shubham Kumar

 Criteria to Push Candidates from Phase 1 to Phase 2 by specifying the Top X number of candidates [New Feature]

  • Description: The recruiter can now specify the number of candidates they want to send to Phase 2. Previously, the recruiter only had the option to set the cutoff percentage to send the candidates from Phase 1 to Phase 2.
  • Expected Impact: The recruiter can ensure participation of a minimum number of candidates. Previously, when the recruiter had to specify the cutoff percentage, then based on the difficulty level of the test, a high number or an extremely low number of candidates could have become eligible for the Phase 2.

Recruiters Would be able to See the Receipt and Read status of the Candidates for the Invite Mails [New Feature]

Description: The recruiters can now see whether the invite mails have been sent by us, whether the candidates have received the mails in the inbox and whether they have actually gone on to open the mails.

Expected Impact: This feature would allow the recruiters to take better decisions on re-inviting candidates who have not registered for the content. Additionally, the recruiter can then take subsequent decisions on de-inviting appropriate candidates to reclaim the invite pins back (As the pins are deducted as soon as they invite the candidates).

File Upload Option in the Recruiter Configurable Form [New Feature]

Description: In the configurable form, the recruiter can now specify fields to expect a file upload. Currently, we are allowing the following file types: .zip, .pdf, .docx, .jpeg, .png, .xlsx, .pptx. The maximum upload size has been restricted to 10MB.

Expected Impact: The recruiters can now collect initial documents like candidate resume, any preliminary submissions etc. before the actual contest begins.

Recruiter Side View:

Candidate Side View 

Recruiters Would be able to Set a Cut-off Percentage of 0 [New Feature]

Description: Setting a cutoff percentage of 0 implies that the candidates won’t be able to see a pass/fail verdict anywhere on the product (mailers, contest page, leaderboards).

Expected Impact: In use cases like hiring challenges, the recruiter may not want the product to convey whether the candidate has actually passed or not. Hence, the recruiter can go through the submitted solutions and then take appropriate decisions for the candidates.

Manually Overriding the Score of the Candidate [New Feature]

Description: Recruiters can override the system generated marks for the candidates.

Expected Impact: Recruiters can use this feature to:

 > Push the candidates to the next stage on a case-to-case basis.

 > Push additional candidates to the next stage if they feel that the initially set criteria was very stringent   which led to low participation.


6. Fixing Admin Side Mobile UI Bugs [Bug Fix]

7. Preserving the Preview Contest Page Button after the Contest is Published [Improvement]:

Description: The preview contest button is preserved after the contest has been published.

Expected Impact: The recruiter can see how the contest page looks for a candidate even after the contest has been published.


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