Bulk uploading MCQ questions.

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Bulk uploading MCQ questions.

If you need to upload a fairly large number of multiple-choice problems to your DoSelect problem library, you can use the bulk uploader instead of manually adding them. Just add your MCQ problems in the CSV template, and the tool will do the rest.

Here's how you can bulk upload the MCQ questions.

  1.  Click on  below (more options) from the right side of your dashboard.


  1.  Select Library and this will open a new modal box. 

Click on  Create a new problem. (Given Below)

Select Multiple-choice from drop down menu under problem types

  1. Click on the Use the bulk uploader, this will open a new modal box.

  2. Download the CSV template. Or, click here a link to download the template.
    Note: The uploader tool only recognizes problems in a specific format. Download the template from here.

  1. Add your problems in the CSV template.

    You can use a program like Microsoft Excel to open the CSV file. 

    The first row of the CSV is omitted while uploading and is there only for description purpose.

    HeaderInput TypeDetails
    Name (Minimum 6 Char, Mandatory)TextThe name of the question. (It's a mandatory field, Minimum 6 characters have to be entered)
    Description(Minimum 6 Char, Mandatory)TextThe problem statement that candidates are asked to answer. (It's a mandatory field, Minimum 6 characters have to be entered)
    Correct AnswerInteger or Comma-separated Values

    1 .. 10 (In case of a single choice answer, Example: Enter 1 if option 1 is the correct answer) In case of multiple choice answer,
    Example: Enter 1, 2 and 3 if option 1, 2, 3 are correct answers (Numbers separated by comma) 

    Level (Mandatory)TextLevel of the problem. Easy, Medium or Hard. (One of the three options has to be entered)
    Tags (Optional)Text or Comma-separated ValuesTopic to group questions. Internal tags for better categorization and search. 
    Insight Tags (Optional)Text or Comma-separated ValuesConcept-level tag. Used for assessment reporting to highlight "Strengths" and "Improvement Areas"
    Score (Optional)IntegerScore point for the question (If you don't enter any value (blank) then the system takes default values and sets scores as 5 for Easy, 10 for Medium, 20 for Hard)
    Penalty (Optional)IntegerNegative score point for the question (Note: Penalty can't be more than Score)
    Option 1Text Answer option 1
    Option 2Text Answer option 2
    Option 3Text Answer option 3
    Option 4Text Answer option 4
    Option 5 .. 10Text Further option


  2. Add your problems in the format specified, and save the file. Please make sure you have saved the file with a CSV extension. When uploading, only valid rows are taken into account.

    (Note: You will get a confirmation message "Do you want to keep using the format?". You need to click on "Yes" to continue.)
  3. Click on Choose CSV File button to upload the problems.

  4. This will open a new modal box, click on Confirm bulk upload button to confirm and proceed.

  5. You will receive the confirmation message after a few minutes. Refresh the library. You will now be able to view the uploaded the MCQ questions.

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