Scheduling Interviews

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If you wish to schedule and configure extra details regarding your interview, use the Schedule Interview option. 

Evaluation Criteria:

Defining clear evaluation criteria ensures a fair and objective assessment for all candidates. 

  • Minimizes bias and subjectivity: All interviewers rate candidates based on the same parameters, reducing the chances of personal preferences influencing decisions.

  • Creates consistency: A standardized approach ensures all candidates in the same role are evaluated equally, allowing for accurate comparisons.

  • Improves efficiency: Pre-defined criteria guide interviewers, saving time during interviews and streamlining the decision-making process.

Score Card

  • Examine the pre-populated Scorecard and criteria (Problem Solving, Communication Skills, etc.).

  • Edit or remove criteria as needed to align with the specific job requirements 

  • By using the “Add custom criteria” button you can create job role specific skill that need to be evaluated. 

    • Rating - Interview panel can provide a rating on candidates skill on a scale of 5 stars

    • Description -Interview panel can provide a rating on candidates skill in a subjective format

Recommended Questions:

  • Review the suggested questions under "Recommended Interview Questions” from the DoSelect Library or My Company Questions

  • Suggest relevant questions that the interview panel can use during candidate interviews.

  • Currently you can leverage the coding and database questions 


    General Settings: 

  • Review Job Title and Role, that are displayed to ensure they accurately reflect the position being hired for.
  • Click the "Upload Job Description" button.Select the relevant job description file from your computer.

    Reporting Settings

  • The “Interview Administrators” section lets you define who should receive the reports once the interview is complete

  • Enter the email address of the participants in the field.

  • Click the "Add" button, the participants added to the list will receive the reports once the interview is complete.

  • “Custom confirmation note” allows the recruiters to send any information to the candidate after the interview ends over an email.

   Support Contacts

  • Provide the SPOC’s email and contact information the panel or candidate can refer to during the interview process

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