Full Stack developer assessments by DoSelect.

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Full-stack type of problems can be used to assess a candidate for a specific frontend or backend framework, as well as an end-to-end full stack. The problems are mini-projects which are automatically tested using unit testing. The client can also review the code manually and give the score.

Which skills to look for? 

Developers who are familiar with each stage of software technology are usually tested on front-end programming, back-end programming, and databases. Full-stack type of problems can be used to check all of these skills together.

Why DoSelect for Full Stack?

DoSelect provides an IDE with an Ubuntu16 Virtual Machine of up to 4 GB of memory that comes with an integrated terminal. With DoSelect, recruiters can see auto-evaluated reports or manually review and score candidates. Our environment allows recruiters to evaluate candidates based on real-world problem scenarios. When hiring candidates, companies usually test their knowledge of frameworks and programming skills in building real applications. 

Dedicated Web-based IDE

DoSelect offers a web-based IDE, the coding environment is pre-setup and can be used readily by the candidates to solve the task. Our IDE allows candidates to code, create and move folders and files, and run project-type problems with access to a terminal.




 Benefits for recruiters

  • Auto-graded scoring: The DoSelect ‘Full-stack testing environment’ supports auto-graded scoring based on the number of test cases passed. Candidate submissions are accessible in the candidate reports on the platform.

  • Evaluate at scale: The evaluation is done by using unit test cases and hence can be automated for scale.

  • Flexibility: Currently, our system supports project-based questions for front-end, back-end and full-stack roles. Our testing environment can run any stack that is supported on Ubuntu. This allows the question setter to upload a project directory and present candidates with a project that is initialized in the online IDE.

Supported TechStack

The platform can support any Framework that is supported on Ubuntu, but currently has questions only on the following frameworks, which can be auto-evaluated:

  • Frontend

    • ReactJS (v17+)

    • Angular (v10 to v13)

    • React Native 

  • Backend with Respective Databases

    •  Java Spring Boot 

      • Maven v3.3.9 with MySQL v14.14

      • Gradle v7.3.3 with PostgreSQL v10.17

    • .Net Core 3.1 (Web API) with SQLite v3.11.0

  • End-to-end Full Stack (Frontend, Backend & Database)

    • React, Spring Boot & MySQL

    • Angular, Spring Boot & MySQL

    • React, .NET Core & SQLite

    • Angular, .NET Core & SQLite

Dos and Don'ts

  • As these are project-based problems, the minimum time to solve a problem with only one technology should be 1.5 hours on average.

  • As we provide a VM of 4 GB, the number of candidates at a given time should be known to keep the required infrastructure ready.

  • A new browser tab is opened for the live preview. Hence, browser tolerance should not be enabled for these problems.

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