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Assigning Candidate and Interviewers

  • In the Candidate Email field, enter the email address of the candidate you want to interview.

  • In the Candidate Name field, enter the full name of the candidate.

  • Click Upload a CV to upload the candidate's CV. The CV will be attached in the interview invitation email and sent to the interviewers.

  • In the Assign Interviewer(s) panel, select the names of the interviewers you want to assign to the interview. You can select up to three interviewers.

  • If the interviewer you want to assign is not listed, click Manage Interviewer to add them to the list.

Time Settings

  • Here, you can finalize the date, time, and duration of the interview, along with setting reminders for the candidate.

  • As shown in the image, the platform pre-populates the interview time zone.

  • You can choose a different time zone by clicking the dropdown menu. This is helpful if you're interviewing candidates located in a different time zone than yours.

Date, Time, and Duration

  • Select the date for the interview using the calendar.

  • Choose the start time for the interview, Set the desired interview duration "Duration" field. The platform automatically populates the end time based on the selected duration.

  • The maximum allowed duration for an interview is 3 hours


  • You can enable email reminders for the candidate by checking the box next to "Send email reminder to candidates before the interview."

  • Choose the number of days before the interview to send the reminder email using the up/down arrows

Customizing Email Template

  • You can customize the communication to be shared with the candidate and interviewers. 

  • Click inside the Subject field to replace the default text with your desired subject line.

  • Edit the body of the email as needed. You can insert additional information about the interview, the company, or the next steps in the hiring process.

  • Once you're satisfied with the customized emails, check from the Preview section how they will appear to the recipients. Make any necessary adjustments and click Send Invites when ready.

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