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  1. I’m not able to see question and images?

    Refresh your browser window by clicking  (Control+Shift+R). If the problem persists, please contact DoSelect support number.

  2. My code works in my local IDE, but throws compilation errors when I Run Code in your interface?
    It is possible that your local environment runs a different language version as compared to DoSelect's evaluation engine, or there might be some packages in your local environment which are not Supported on DoSelect.

  3. I have got ‘Time Limit Exceeded' error, what should I do?                                              
    We look for optimal algorithms in your solutions. Every problem has a time limit with respect to its optimal solution. If your code could not produce the required output within the set time limit, you get a 'Time Limit Exceeded' error. Test cases get progressively larger, so it is common for a naive solution to pass the first few (smaller) test cases and then fail when confronted with the bigger ones
  4.  After I have submitted an answer to a question can I come back and change my submission? 

    Yes. You can if you haven’t submitted and finished the test finally. Before doing that you can run back and forth between your questions.
  5. My screen has freezed/not able to navigate between the problems?  

    You can resolve this problem by performing any of the following:
  • Refresh your browser tab or window (Control+Shift+R).
  • You can empty the cache and cookies to resolve this problem.
  • You can log out of the current session and log in again. All the previous submissions are retained in this case.

  6. I'm getting a message: Webcam.js Error (or) Waiting for webcam (or) AGREE AND       CONTINUE * button is disabled.   

There are three possible cases here:

  • The test admin has set up webcam proctoring and you have denied the webcam permission on your browser. Enable your webcam to continue with the test.
  • Webcam not found on your system, please make sure that webcam is working fine on your system. 
  • Webcam's resolution is very less. The Minimum supported webcam resolution is 640 * 480.   

7. Why did my solution get rejected"?

This can happen due to the following reasons:

  • In the event of test cases not getting executed and there could be multiple reasons for test cases not getting executed.
  • Incorrect logic
  • Formatting issues     

8. How to check your solution in IDE

If you want to check your solution on IDE then you need to click on the 'Run-code' button and provide the input in the *Input* tab.   If you want to check against sample test cases then you need to click on the button beside 'Run-code' (the 3 horizontal bars with a tick). If you want to submit the code for evaluation then click on 2 right marks near the save solution icon.

  1. How do I test and submit my code?

  When you finish the first version of your code, click Run Code button to run your solution against one or more small sample test cases. Once you're confident your solution covers the entire problem, click Submit to run it against the entire set of test cases. Don't worry if you don't pass all the test cases, you can always rework your code and submit it again.

10. How do I debug my code?

You can use the `Run Code` button to interactively run your code against a custom input. If there are errors, they will be shown in the output field, with debug information from the compiler or interpreter.

11. What happens after I submit my code?

We run your code against hidden test cases. Depending on the output your code produced, you can get the following conclusion:

12. Why does my code work fine on my machine but not on DoSelect?

       If a lot of people have already solved a challenge, the odds are that the issue is in your code.          
      There could be a couple of reasons for this:

  • Your code doesn't match the expected output. The output produced by your code must exactly match the output expected by the test case, so something like a spelling error in your output will cause you to fail the challenge.
  • Your code's behavior is unpredictable. If you're using C/C++, double-check for uninitialized variables or invalid memory accesses, as they can cause unpredictable behavior. If you overrun an array or attempt to print the contents of an array cell that was never initialized, your output may look like it's correct but you'll fail the question (invisible garbage characters are the worst, we know).
  • If you're really convinced that there is an issue with a test case, contact us directly with specific information about the test name and test case. Be sure to specifically state why you think it's not correct!

13. I passed the sample test cases but am failing the additional test cases! Why?

Try to think about what could have gone wrong. Maybe your approach is wrong, perhaps you are missing some corner cases, or maybe you have a bug in your code. Maybe you're solving a different problem than the question is asking you to solve.

14. I don't understand the problem statement, what should I do?

Read the statement a few more times. If there's something in the problem statement you find misleading and think could be improved, submit feedback about the test and mention the specific sections you find confusing. Comments like "The test is confusing!" don't communicate enough information for people to know what you're talking about, so it's always best to be courteous and specific (e.g., "The second paragraph confuses me; is the graph directed or undirected?") when asking for help.

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