How is the test-takers verdict given in Advanced Proctoring?

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  • Advanced Proctoring prevents Copy-Paste, Screenshots, and Multi-Window test sessions, additionally, it checks the Browser Fingerprint and enforces fullscreen.
  • If the test-taker tries to minimize the tab and navigate outside the test window, the test-takers report will call out Test Window Violation and Navigation Violation.
  • During the assessment, the test-taker is prompted to take an identity image which will serve as a base image for the AI-based proctoring Engine to check for any suspicious activity.
  • The AI-based proctoring engine flags any frame found with “Multiple Faces”, or “Different Fac”s or if “No Face” is identified as suspicious activity. 
  • The Proctoring engine also flags the Missing Frames which are not captured due to reasons such as Webcam being disabled by the test-taker, the test-taker closing the test window, Network and 
  • The test-takers verdict is based on the Webcam Proctoring Violations which take into account the Suspicious activity and Missing frames of a test-taker. 


Severe Violation

  • Suspicious activity detected in more than 10 back-to-back frames (or)
  • Missing frames detected in more than 10 back-to-back frames (or)
  • Suspicious activity/Missing Frames were detected in more than 10% of the test duration.


Minor Violation

  • Suspicious activity/Missing Frames detected in 5% to 10% of test duration.


Negligible Violation

  • Suspicious activity/Missing Frames detected in less than 5% of the test duration.

Advanced Proctoring will also take into account the Test Window Violations to give the overall test-takers verdict


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