What is Basic Proctoring?

Created by Shubham Kumar, Modified on Wed, 27 Mar 2024 at 11:15 AM by Shubham Kumar

As a recruiter, if I enable basic proctoring for a test, the following activities of the test-taker will be prevented or tracked:

  • Enforce full-screen during the test: Test-taker will be required to stay on full-screen during the test. 

  • Track tab activity: In case the test-taker moves away from the assessment tab their tab activity is tracked. The two metrics that are tracked are: 

    • Navigation Violation: The number of times the test-taker moved out of the test window.

      • Test Window Violation: Total time the test-taker is outside the assessment window during the entire course of the test.

      • Disable copy-paste of solutions: Test-takers will be restricted from copying/pasting solutions or text from external sources in the test environment.

      • Prevent multi-window test sessions: Test-takers will be prevented from opening the test in multiple tabs, browsers, or windows.

      • Capture browser fingerprint: In the case where a test-taker uses multiple browsers to attempt the test, the details of the browsers are captured.

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