Understanding the Proctoring Details in the Assessment report.

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Overview: A comprehensive view of the proctoring details in the assessment report with an explanation of each component and how each of them becomes instrumental in making hiring decisions. 

Let's take a look at the data points available across reports of Advanced Proctoring to understand how they will aid in making decisions about the integrity of the test-taker.

Browser Fingerprint: Number of browsers used during the test 

Navigation Violations: Number of times the test-taker moved out of the test window

Test Window Violation: Total time the test-taker was out of the test window during the entire course of the test. 

In case Browser tolerance is enabled and the test-takers assessment is auto-submitted there will be a flag denoting that the test has been auto-submitted

WebCam Violations:

  • Total Frames Captured: All the frames captured during an assessment will be categorized into either frame with matching faces, No face, Different face, or Multiple faces. 

    • Frames with Matching Faces: Number frames that have been captured that match with the identity image taken by the test-taker before the test starts

    • Frames with No Face: Number frames that have been captured that do not have anyone in them

    • Frames with Multiple Faces: Number frames that have been captured that have multiple people 

    • Frames with Different Face: The number of  frames that have been captured that do not match with the identity image taken by the test-taker before the test starts

  • Total Missing Frames: All the frames that were not captured during an assessment, these frames can be due to the following reasons.

    • Webcam not detected: If a test-takers web camera is not detected due to any reason we report them as missing frames

    • Test-Taker closing the assessment tab: Missing frames due to the test-taker closing the assessment tab for a brief period and 

The Frames found with multiple faces, different faces, no face, and missing frames indicate an intent of cheating, violations have been based on these activities that indicate suspicious behavior.

  • Set of 10 back-to-back Suspicious frames 

Number of times suspicious activity has been found in at least 10 back-to-back suspicious frames (Multiple Faces, No Face, Different Face)

  • Set of 10 back-to-back Missing frames
    Number of times there are 10 back-to-back missing frames while a test-taker is attempting an assessment.

  • Suspicious Frames/Missing Frames detected in more than a specified threshold of images captured in the total test duration 
    Suspicious Images/ Missing Images that do not fall under the continuously suspicious/missing will be taken into consideration for the calculation of this violation

  • Below are the Data points in the excel reports (section-wise and problem-wise)

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